Talking to people about libertarian ideas

I just had a lengthy conversation this morning with a co-worker who definitely falls in the liberal camp. He just had to criticize Ayn Rand and talk about how we have to have taxes in order to have roads.

I think I came out of this conversation a little better than he did, but it still disturbed me, especially when he was trying to convince me that we “white” people all have some mystical advantage over other groups called “white privilege”. This is a young college student, and I am hoping I opened his eyes to some other historical things that he didn’t know. Still, this only firms up my resolve to continue studying US history and economics so I can be more persuasive (not a natural talent for me). At one point he said there was some research backing him up but he needed to bone up on it, which I appreciated. I kind of felt the same way. He wanted to talk about institutional racism as the reason poor black people have so many problems, and I just can’t see how this isn’t a gross over-simplification.

It seems to me to be just a plain fact that many black people engage in behavior that limits their own options, for example women going on welfare and having children without getting married. Another example is listening to music that encourages criminal activity, or getting involved in drug trafficking that naturally leads them into conflicts with the police.

Lastly, I heard recently about a study that cleared the New Jersey State Police of a charge that their arrests of disproportionately more black drivers for speeding was caused by racism. No, a study done using traffic cameras showed that, on average, black drivers actually speed more than whites. Not a politically correct thing to say nowadays, but I believe in pursuing truth whether or not it is popular.

Prior to getting into politics and economics, we were having a fun conversation about musicals and movies, including him telling me about some fan-made movies based on Star Wars and Harry Potter. I have just watched a bit of both and found them interesting, but don’t have time to watch more unfortunately.

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