Friday basketball update

Well, 16 more games have been concluded, 16 more teams eliminated from the tournament, which is now down to 32 teams. Today and tomorrow they will all play and we’ll be down to the Sweet Sixteen, with only 4 teams left in each region.

There were 6 more upsets yesterday. The biggest one was a #15 team beating a #2. Middle Tennessee pulled ahead of Michigan State in the 2nd half and wound up 9 points ahead. The final score was 90 – 81.

We also saw a 14 over 3 with Stephen F Austin over West Virginia. There have been 13 upsets total, with the following high seeds being eliminated , out of 4 of each rank: one 2, one 3, one 4, two 5s, three 6s, two 7s, and three 8s. The only rank to see all 4 stay in were the number 1 seeds. But three of them now face a number 9 team who just pulled an upset of a number 8. Butler did the best, winning their upset by 10 points. Virginia better be on their guard tonight.

I was not surprised but still a bit disappointed that Weber State fell to Xavier, 71 – 53.

In other Utah team news, BYU is in the NIT tournament, seeded #2. I don’t know if they played again yesterday, but I believe they are a couple days ahead of the NCAA in terms of rounds.

So the NCAA has 8 more games today, starting at 12:10 and going until the final start at 9:40 pm.

More later, bye!

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