Election District Maps

This is the home of the maps that show all the electoral districts in New Hampshire. The State House District Map is in the works, and here are the others.  For election purposes, the state is divided into as-close-as-possible equally-populated divisions for several elections. For State House, we have 400 representatives (but fewer districts as some have multiple seats). For the State Senate, 24 districts. Executive Council, 5 districts. And finally, US Congress, the state has 2 districts. You could also consider the entire state 1 district for the purpose of the elections for Governor and the 2 US Senators, but I will not do an extra map for that. The last redistricting was in 2012, which means these districts will be changed again in 2022.

2 districts:

NH congressional districts

5 districts:

NH executive council districts

24 districts:

NH towns, State Senate districts

400 representatives: In the works