New US maps, with the US Presidential race winners by state so far

Hello. Just a short post to say that I’ve created a new page, with some new US maps. I decided I wanted to visually examine the election results in the Presidential Race so far. So, after a few hours this morning spent editing a US map I already had (in terrible shape, and kind of smaller than I liked, which was a jpeg file), I now present my results. See


Hello, just a few notes today. Sorry it’s been so long since I wrote. Soon I hope to do something about my internet situation at home. I have to, as my phone suffered some weird damage during work last night. I have had it for at least 4 years, and now it looks like it might not work for phone calls anymore.

Also, it has been a dreadfully hot week this week. It is stifling hot inside my apartment (I have no AC system, just a bunch of fans, which does not do a lot when the inside temperature is over 80 degrees). I can’t wait for it to cool down a bit.

One more thing  – I learned last week that there is going to be a special election for state representative in my town on September 22, to replace the man who died earlier this year. Some friends seemed to think that I should run for this position, but I am not sure I would be comfortable being in the State House as a representative. Although it would barely work with my schedule (if I could change my days off), it would mean giving up the social events I do on the weekends, including two that I am the host of that only make sense to do on Saturdays. Update as of March 5, I now work on a different shift, will give more info in another post.

Another great weekend coming up, boardgame-wise

Note: this post was a draft from last September.

This weekend will be a big one for boardgames in the Seacoast region of New Hampshire. My main group at for boardgames,    has 2 events this coming weekend. On Friday, September 4th, there is a nearly 6-hour event at the University of New Hampshire in Durham. On Saturday, there is a 14-hour event in Portsmouth at the local game store. I may also check out a boardgame event in Concord Friday evening, mainly because it’s at Area 23 (a liberty-lovers activist center I have not been to yet, but certainly want to check it out). The main issue with going to Area 23 will be finding out if the boy who hangs out with on the weekend, a neighbor, will have his mother’s permission to go there.

Status and thoughts on a very productive day

(Written at home) Anyway, it’s time to head to the library now. To conserve my precious internet time, I wrote several posts on my still marginally-functioning laptop computer, which no longer is capable of connecting to the internet, or playing music or the sound from movies. That’s because it doesn’t let me log in except in Safe Mode, where these things are turned off.


I wrote 4 blog posts at home before coming here to the library, that was very useful. I just had to add the internet links after I got here.

Stay tuned for one more today, some thoughts on music.

Why am I in favor of medical marijuana laws?

Yesterday, I read something interesting in the local newspaper, when I was at the library. I live in the town of Milton, NH, and just to the south of my town is the small city of Rochester, NH, which has about 30,000 people. I go to the library there, which is rather nice, though it costs me to have a library card. It seems that Rochester is under consideration to be one of the four cultivation locations for the state’s new medical marijuana program. The company that wants to have their grow operation there is proposing to run their legal dispensary in the town of Plymouth, a considerable distance away. I have to wonder, since they’re so concerned with the security of the cultivation location, whether it makes sense to have to transport the product such a large distance.

Anyway, I am in favor of legalizing marijuana, and medical use is a first step in that direction. I take this position even though I am against the use of drugs and don’t use any major drugs myself, legal or illegal, for religious reasons. More about my religious beliefs later.

Why is the freedom to use marijuana and other drugs important to libertarians?

If you read my first post on libertarianism, I mentioned the website, where you can find the World’s Smallest Political Quiz, and one of the questions has to do with drugs. As a libertarian, I believe that it is immoral to use coercion against others except in a defensive way. Banning drugs is imposing your will on others by force, or at least by delegating the right to use force to the government, so I am against it.

By the way, think about this. Can you go to your neighbor’s house and take his property or kidnap him because he is using a particular drug? Do you even have the right to do such a thing? If not, then how can you authorize the government police and other officials to do it? How can you delegate a power that you do not yourself have, to another person or group of people? This is something the advocates of drug prohibition cannot answer. The power to prosecute drug possession or sales does not arise magically out of having a large group of people who agree. Unless you have unanimous agreement, you can’t make that restriction as a group.
As a libertarian, I do not believe that democratic elections magically bestow power on governments that the individuals voting do not themselves possess. If you think there is a good argument against what I am saying, please feel free to comment (provided I have set this up properly to allow comments, of course).

Freecoasters (Seacoast Liberty)

I just purchased my ticket for an upcoming event called the Freecoast Festival, which will be held from September 17 – 20 in Portsmouth, Newmarket, and Hampton, New Hampshire. I had been signed up on the Facebook event for a while.

What is the organization called the Freecoasters, formerly called Seacoast Liberty? It is a group of people who advocate for liberty that live in the Seacoast Region of New Hampshire, including for some reason cities like Dover and Rochester that don’t actually border the ocean (though they are very close to it, this is something that has always baffled me). It also refers to a group and cause on Facebook, and another group on, which is where the regular events get listed and where people can RSVP (sometimes they are double-posted on the Facebook group). I host an event on the meetup page, once a month in Rochester, on the second Saturday evening of each month. I won’t link to the event because the link would change every month. Just go to the meetup link above and scroll down until you find the next Rochester event to see it.

Besides these social networking organizations, the Freecoasters also have a webpage, called But basically, it’s just a bunch of individual libertarians living in a region of New Hampshire, near each other. We libertarians tend to have a lot of competing organizations and operate in a very decentralized way. I think this is something our political opponents don’t understand about us.

Welcome (and forgive the roughness)

I just published the website today, although I created it and started posting a few days ago. Please forgive some roughness, as I will be tweaking the appearance and adding content on a somewhat sporadic basis, due to the fact that my laptop is no longer able to access the internet.

I just read a great article about the top 25 libertarian movies of all time. It’s on a website I’ve never been to before,

I have downloaded my favorite podcasts today, for another week of listening pleasure. I will write more about each of these shows later. The shows I downloaded are The Tom Woods Show, The Peter Schiff podcast, Neocash Radio, Chris Cantwell’s Radical Agenda (which includes a lot of swearing and some controversial opinions, fyi),

Feel free to comment on any of my posts. I do ask that you keep your comments constructive and specific, and avoid insulting language. I will be continuing the introductory posts for some time but will intersperse posts about news and current events within the NH liberty community.

Thanks for coming to my site, and let me know if there is something you think I can do to improve it!