Tuesday’s results, updated

I’m going to be taking a bit of a break on covering the election after this. Only 2 more states vote in the Republican primaries during the rest of March, Utah and Arizona.

But I need to update on Tuesday’s races. Trump won 4 states: Florida, Illinois, Missouri, and North Carolina, and came in 2nd in Ohio behind Kasich. As I said, Rubio has dropped out. Missouri was so close (in both parties) that the second-place candidates (Cruz and Sanders) can legally call for a recount. Trump also won in the Northern Mariana Islands. On the Democrat side, Clinton won all 5 states, but Sanders is still in, expecting more wins in the near future.

I will be writing about other topics until the 22nd, next Tuesday.

March 12 Election Update

I meant to post about this yesterday, but I had wireless data turned off for half the day and couldn’t figure out why I had no internet. Later on, after work, I was too tired to feel like writing anything.

Anyway, here are the results from Saturday’s voting. There weren’t a lot of delegates at stake, but it could be symvolically bad for trump anyway, the first times multiple places have voted in one day that he didn’t win anything. He only got one delegate, in Wyoming, as did Rubio there. Cruz got the rest of the Wyoming delegates assigned on Saturday, which was about 12, I believe. Rubio got more than half in DC, with Kasich right behind him in the nation’s capital. No surprise there, except the part about Trump and Cruz actually getting some votes, not enough to get delegates. Cruz also got the only one assigned in Guam, the rest being unbound. In all, less than 25 delegates awarded.

On the Democrat side, Clinton got most of the delegates in the Northern Mariana Islands, but Sanders also got some.

That’s it!

In other election news, there’s been some violence in clashes between Trump supporters and protesters at several Trump rallies. According to most of the media, Trump is 100% responsible for this. Never mind that conflict between people of different groups had been going on for, well, forever. Never mind that the Democrats have been catering to certain minorities and telling them all their problems were because of white racism for years. Never mind that certain progressive billionaires have been funding the anti-white protests for over a year. As long as the president says he’s not been divisive, it must be true. Don’t I know what a nice guy Obama is?

Literally, Trump has about twice said something that seemed to encourage violence against protestors who tried to interrupt his speeches. This is about him wanting free speech and those on the left, again, not caring about the rights of others. Don’t I know that if leftists simply assert someone is bigoted, hateful, homophobic, racist, misogynist, that’s all the argument they would say I need. No free speech for haters. And of course, they get to decide who is a hater. This is all about power for the Democrat Party, no conflict of interest there.

Anyway, I’ve found a few news websites that give more fair treatment of Trump, such as InfowarsBreitbart, the conservative Daily Caller, and some of the stories from those have been reposted on the libertarian website Lew Rockwell. There are probably more I haven’t checked yet. I’m particularly interested in what Ron Paul and Ben Swann have to say about this.

I’ve seen two great articles on Lew Rockwell making fun of those who compare Trump to Hitler. One was a repost from Daily Caller, by Ann Coulter. She said it very matter-of-factly as if she agreed, but quickly I could see that many of the things that would make them similar actually don’t apply to trump, in some cases the people accusing him have more in common with Hitler. It was great.

Well, more in a bit.


Four more states vote today

Today, Hawaii, Idaho, Michigan, and Mississippi are voting in the Presidential race. I have been following this election quite closely, even at times sneaking into the bathroom to see if the partial results from a state have updated. I feel like quite a nerd saying that. Isn’t that something guys usually do to check on a football game?

This will bring us up to 23 states, plus at least one territory. So far, Marco Rubio, the Republican “establishment”‘s best hope, only has 2 wins, in Minnesota on March 1st (also called Super Tuesday since 11 states voted for Republican that day) and 2 days ago in Puerto Rico. Meanwhile, Donald Trump has 12 states: New Hampshire, South Carolina, Nevada, and from Super Tuesday 7 states (Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Vermont, and Virginia), and from last Saturday Kentucky and Louisiana. Ted Cruz is in second place, with 6 states: He won the first contest in Iowa, on Super Tuesday Texas, Oklahoma, and Alaska, and on Saturday Maine and Kansas. On the Democrat side, Hillary Clinton leads Bernie Sanders by a comparable margin as Trump over Cruz. Not comparable in actual delegate counts, since she has a lot of Democrat superdelegates, but the delegate math is too complicated for me to get into in one blog post.

I find it fascinating to see the long-established Republican Party tearing itself apart over this one man, and trying to act as though they still have control over half the electorate in this country. Obviously, a large percentage of voters don’t care what the neo-cons who took over the Republican Party over the last 50 years  (and ousted the defensive-war-only wing of the party, by the way) have to say about how they ought to vote. Two-time losers like Mitt Romney are lecturing others about how they have to vote in order for the party to win. A lot of crazy stuff is going on. I have a hard time believing all the people I talk to who don’t even care about politics. But maybe they’re trying to avoid all this craziness.

It is so obvious to me that the Republican leadership is not afraid of Trump losing to Hillary. They are afraid of him winning and being a President that they can’t predict or control. I am under no illusions that he would follow the non-aggression principle, but I do think that he is less dangerous (to us, the common people) than they want to claim. He is dangerous to their power. I am no fan of democracy, but isn’t it the role of a democratic government to protect its own people first and foremost (at least supposedly, according to their own theory)? I fail to see how a guy who wants to put American interests first is more dangerous or worse than all the people who want to expand our military presence around the world, as if the people who have been occupied and destroyed by the US military don’t already hate us enough. Nor, in my opinion, is he worse than those who want to force us to use new pronouns for people to honor multiple gender identities, force us to overlook violence when it is an ethnic minority doing it, force us to bake cakes that violate our religious beliefs, and force us to bring in (and foot the bill for) hundreds of thousands of refugees who could include some people that hate America and have no problem with trying to be politically correct and nice about how they express it. The right is focused on wars that have nothing to do with defending the country, and the left is focused on a war on white people such as myself, and using police violence as an excuse to federalize the police, and I’m supposed to be upset about a guy who wants to close the borders, just because some people call him racist or bully?

I  feel the level of political discourse (even before Donald Trump took the lead in polls last year) has never been lower in this country, when using a smear word against someone takes the place of having an actual discussion about their ideas. It’s an anti-intellectual movement that has been going on for years, and Republicans have been enabling this nonsense by apologizing to Democrats when they hadn’t done anything wrong. I’m glad to see someone standing up for himself and refusing to apologize in order to cater to political correctness. Trump is just the natural outcome and backlash by the conservatives who have been betrayed and denied their “say” in the government because of their own party failing to represent their interests.

Some even say that there will be a world war if Trump is elected. That’s ridiculous. Which is more likely to cause war, a guy who doesn’t mind dishing out insults if someone else attacks him first, or a guy who talks nice but sends our soldiers into places where they have no business being? We’re supposed to vote for the guy who supports the current US practice of claiming to fight ISIS but REALLY, we’re fighting Syria’s President Assad in order to weaken ISIS somehow, which makes no sense, versus the guy (Trump) who wants to let the Russians (who are actually fighting against the evil terrorists there) handle the mess in their own region, and wants to let China handle North Korea, too, by the way. He’s questioning why we have troops in Germany, and South Korea, and Japan, and all sorts of places. Good question. Why do prominent libertarians in New Hampshire want to take away his delegates that he won for getting more than a third of the vote in New Hampshire, out of about 9 different people who were running and had significant campaigns? How is it libertarian to make a focus of opposing just this one guy, and ignore all the other statists in the room?

Anyway, that’s a bit of my feeling on the whole Donald Trump phenomenon. I think all the people who are afraid of him (at least relative to other politicians) are crazy. He’s no Ron Paul, who is one of my heroes, but I can’t help wondering if Ron Paul was a little too nice to have the political success that Trump is having. Don’t get me wrong, Ron Paul was and still is very effective at spreading the message of liberty, but if his goal had been to get elected, or even to pass pro-liberty bills in Congress, he would have been a complete failure.

More election updates later. I’ll probably post again tonight or tomorrow when we have the results from Hawaii, Idaho, Michigan, and Mississippi.