First round of March Madness continues

Well, the first 16 games are over, and 16 more games today will wrap up the First Round of the men’s basketball tournament. 7 of these college team winners are upset victories, and since it would take too long to list off all the winners, I’ll just talk about those upsets. There were three games involving a number 8 seed against the 9th, and all 3 were won by the number 9 team. My friend at work was excited about Butler’s victory since a relative went to school there (My college is way too small for Division I, so they’re never making it into this tournament).

There were also two upsets each of a 12th seed over 5th, and 11th over 6th. One of the 12s is Yale, who I noted as being in the tournament for the first time in many years. Next they face fellow Ivy League school Duke. The other 12, Little Rock, beat Purdue and now faces Iowa State. The two 11s are Wichita State and Gonzaga, who now face #3s Miami and Utah.

Speaking of Utah, this is the highest they’ve been seeded in the tournament since 1999, according to a video on Rant Sports that my phone did not let me watch all the way through.

I tend to cheer on any Utah teams in the tournament since I have my roots there. I’ll go more into my genealogy later but my father and all 4 grandparents were born in Utah. My father’s parents spent their whole lives in that state except for a brief stint in Iowa. My first ancestor to reach Utah was just a few days behind Brigham Young in 1847. By 1870, I think all but one of my ancestral lines had arrived there, though some lived in neighboring states for a while after that. Anyway, that’s the state I feel the strongest connection to in terms of teams, especially since there are none from Maine or New Hampshire.

There’s another Utah team in the competition as well, which I just noticed this morning. Weber State, seeded 15, will play today against #2 Xavier. Good luck, guys!