My Flickr account

Hello all. I just re-established my access to my Flickr photo account, which I haven’t updated in more than 2 years. I’m glad I have it, because I lost my offline copies of most of the pictures I’ve ever taken with my digital camera, up until a few months ago.

You’ll see various types of photos here – some are of board game meetups, a group of recent ones are from my high school 20-year reunion in 2013 in eastern Maine, also you’ll see my garden that I did that summer. I don’t know how far back you can see, since I no longer have a paid Pro account, but they seem to have increased the amount of data I can use since I was last on the page. It’s possible you can see all of my pictures. I have quite a few on the site from before I moved to New Hampshire in 2011, or during my move when I stopped at an outdoor zoo / safari in Nebraska, featuring all North American native animals. Some of the pre-move pictures include snapshots of my Mom’s 2-acre commercial garden enterprise in northwestern Colorado, and images from my 2010 visit to New Hampshire to attend my first Porcfest.

Anyway, here’s the link:

Flickr page (“Freedomrambler”)