Looking forward to a day off

I have the day off from work today, though I normally work every weekend. Once a month I take a Saturday for my board game meet up which I host in Rochester, New Hampshire, at Jetpack Comics’ big game room. I’ll be there from 2 pm until they close at 10:30, or whenever I decide to leave if the other people have left.

I look forward to spending some time with my games, which I don’t normally feel like playing by myself. I have a few games that can be played solo, but it just isn’t the same experience.

In other news, I just learned that a new employee at my store, a transfer from another location, is related to one of my liberty friends. Next Thursday I’ll be at another Seacoast liberty meet up and ought to see him.

I’m also intending to see if anyone wants to run for state office there. I’ll be preparing, over the next week, a document listing off all the state reps in Strafford County, and their liberty scores. Anyone with an NHLA score below B could be facing a challenger from the pro-liberty crowd! I’ll also print out the details about filing requirements, and the ward maps for the 3 cities in the county (Rochester, Dover, and Somersworth).

Well, gotta get started on it. I’ll do that for a bit and then go back to bed for awhile. I didn’t sleep very well, I’m afraid.


My Flickr account

Hello all. I just re-established my access to my Flickr photo account, which I haven’t updated in more than 2 years. I’m glad I have it, because I lost my offline copies of most of the pictures I’ve ever taken with my digital camera, up until a few months ago.

You’ll see various types of photos here – some are of board game meetups, a group of recent ones are from my high school 20-year reunion in 2013 in eastern Maine, also you’ll see my garden that I did that summer. I don’t know how far back you can see, since I no longer have a paid Pro account, but they seem to have increased the amount of data I can use since I was last on the page. It’s possible you can see all of my pictures. I have quite a few on the site from before I moved to New Hampshire in 2011, or during my move when I stopped at an outdoor zoo / safari in Nebraska, featuring all North American native animals. Some of the pre-move pictures include snapshots of my Mom’s 2-acre commercial garden enterprise in northwestern Colorado, and images from my 2010 visit to New Hampshire to attend my first Porcfest.

Anyway, here’s the link:

Flickr page (“Freedomrambler”)


Another great weekend coming up, boardgame-wise

Note: this post was a draft from last September.

This weekend will be a big one for boardgames in the Seacoast region of New Hampshire. My main group at meetup.com for boardgames,    has 2 events this coming weekend. On Friday, September 4th, there is a nearly 6-hour event at the University of New Hampshire in Durham. On Saturday, there is a 14-hour event in Portsmouth at the local game store. I may also check out a boardgame event in Concord Friday evening, mainly because it’s at Area 23 (a liberty-lovers activist center I have not been to yet, but certainly want to check it out). The main issue with going to Area 23 will be finding out if the boy who hangs out with on the weekend, a neighbor, will have his mother’s permission to go there.

My great weekend

Last weekend was really enjoyable. On Friday, I went with a neighbor to a friend’s house in my town. He hangs out with us and we watch movies, play boardgames, or video games, and I use his computer. I am able to supplement my 3-4 times a week visit to the library to get in a little more time on the internet. Each day I go to the library, I am limited to one hour on the internet, unfortunately. I am going again today to get in some stuff I have been meaning to do.

On Saturday, I got to see some friends I hadn’t seen in over a year. They used to live in Rochester, but moved to Concord in 2014. Anyway, they had a pool party at their house, and I drove up with my “borrowed” neighbor kid. I hadn’t been swimming in at least 5 years, but it was fun. Besides the host family, and the two of us, I think there were eight other people there, with all of the adults being participants in or friends of the Free State Project. Some of the people just hung around and ate for 2-3 hours and then left, but some of us went swimming in my friend’s nice in-ground pool, and we also played some of my boardgames. We started with two of my party games, which I wanted to get in because they are made for larger groups and are a lot of fun to play. In fact, several of the participants who don’t normally like games liked the two we played, especially the second game. We played Big Picture Apples to Apples, followed by Wits and Wagers Party. After three more people left, it was just my neighbor, myself, and the three members of the host family who were there. As it was getting dark, we moved inside and proceeded to play two more of my games, Boss Monster and Forbidden Desert (that one is called a “cooperative game” because you are working with the other players, not trying to win individually).

I would have taken a bunch of pictures, but I didn’t know where my camera was at the time. Anyway, if I am able to go to a repeat event, look for some pictures to come to this blog.

By the way, the boardgame links above are all to a wonderful website called boardgamegeek.com, which is both an encyclopedia and social networking site for boardgamers. The same company also has video game and role-playing game versions of the website. My name on BGG is the same as the name of this webpage, brycenh. You can see all the games I own at this link.